The above photograph represents books as they were - and still are! But now book publishing is in turmoil, as more and more books are read from screens (eBooks and Kindles) or listened to (audiobooks) while walking, driving or swimming! Soon traditional paperback and hardback books will be consigned to history!

So, what do we do at Costabooks.com..? We publish books, whether written by you, me - or someone else, and in all the latest formats; Paperbacks, as Kindles (to be read off screens) or as an Audiobook. So if you are writing or have already written something; be it a diary, memoir, novel or other work - anything really that you want to see published and put up for sale on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, kobo, iBooks and many more online outlets and bookshops - then get in touch and we’ll give you a free quote that’ll cover everything from proofing and formatting, right through to it being professionally finished and up for sale as a Paperback, an ebook (Kindle) or an Audio,  whatever... And don't worry whether it’s good enough - you and you alone, are the judge of that...!

And once up on all these sites, we'll promote it to increase sales, while you stay in control throughout - and the original,

 agreed, upfront price covers everything (and it'll cost you nothing to get a quote).

So, to get this free quote, email me with the book type and word count - is it all text or does it have pictures, etc? ...that

 sort of thing, to...