There are three stages to publishing your book or manuscript..

First stage; you pay 50% of the agreed deal and we start formatting, getting your book ready to be published both as a paperback and an ebook. Then when it's ready to be published, we send you a paperback Proof Copy - by recorded delivery.

You then go through it, making any changes you want - and when you are finished, you send it back to us, again by recorded delivery (so it doesn't get lost!).

The Second Stage begins when we get your personally annotated Proof Copy back. You then pay the second 50% and we add all your changes and go on to publish it on all the English language, Amazon sites, Barnes & Noble, kobo, etc - both as a paperback and as a Kindle ebook. 

The Third and final stage starts when we send you a second Proof Copy of your book with all the changes you wanted - which will be the book the buyers will get.

After this, even when published and selling on all the sites mentioned - you can make further changes at any time and to any aspect of your book - to the text, images, the cover - whatever, for an extra charge.

If you also want it out as an Audiobook - and they certainly seem to be the future, then it becomes a second, separate contract, where, if it is a Diary or a Memoir, you will probably want to narrate it yourself...   

We will also promote your book so it sells more copies - as a paperback and a Kindle ebook, using both our own software and different publishers own promotional facilities.
So to get a quote to have your book or manuscript published, email me with a word count and book type - is it all text or does it have pictures...that sort of thing,  to: