I have three books out at the moment. The first two, ‘Deadly Duplicity’ & ‘Murder under the Sun’ are tales of greed, ambition and murder, set against the backdrop of expatriate society in southern Spain. In both, the action is nonstop, full of sudden, unsettling twists and turns that lead to final and surprising dénouements... co-authored by Anne Harling.

The third book, 'DOWN MEXICO WAY’ is a diary I kept in 1991. Living in Mojácar, in south east Spain, I was captain of a rig (tug & tow) hauling bad grain (donated by the US Government) from the Mississippi River and the Houston Ship Canal, ‘...down Mexico way...’ to the Yucatan Peninsula. The rig was Mexican owned and it broke most of the rules – and a lot of the laws! 

This is also a story of five distinct & different cultures: Mayan, Texan, Filipino, British and Cajun (from the Mississippi Delta) in seemingly perpetual, often personal conflict, providing an ever-changing backdrop to the rig’s severe mechanical shortcomings that, in an instant, could turn the most ordinary of seabourne manoeuvres into a dangerous game of chance. It’s also a laugh a minute, especially working with the wonderful Mayan Mexicans - hilarious and mostly unintended…! 

I am also putting the finishing touches to an autobiography from when I was born on a sheep farm in the West Highlands of Scotland – to the nineteen eighties, when I was living between southern Spain and Chelsea, London - while working as a ship's captain and pilot on many weird and wonderful ships and also, in my down time, meeting many weird and wonderful people - and some not so wonderful...


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